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NasaJet® mobile handheld ink jet printer
The portable printing solution for commerce, business and industry

Portable NasaJet - handheld ink jet printer

The flexible mobile and handheld printer

The modern and powerful industrial hand printer NasaJet® helps you in labeling of almost any objects and surfaces. The quick and easy solution for your mobile printing problems. Above all, packaging, but also pallets, plastic and even metal can be labeled easily and quickly with the NasaJet® handheld printer. Standardized HP inkjet cartridges (HP 45, 45si, 45ai) ensure manageable printing costs and constant availability of replacement ink. With our individual software for all Windows operating systems you can generate your desired print templates for the hand printer in no time. Of course, the software can also create dynamic elements such as sequence numbers or dates.

Compare the NasaJet® mobile printer with other labeling solutions on the market - you will hardly find a product with more functionality at this price.

  NasaJet® mobile printer / Jet printer MANUAL (EN)

  NasaJet® handheld printer / Jet printer DATASHEET

  Download NasaJet® SOFTWARE (MS Windows)

NasaJet® mobile printer - Applications

Cardboard / cartons

Packaging - Glossy paper

Packaging - matt paper




Characteristics - NasaJet® labeling solution

  • Works with stadardized Hewlett Packard HP45 ink cartridges
  • High resolution: 300 DPI
  • Font sizes up to 12mm (in single head mode)
  • Up to 3mm Bis zu 3mm printing pitch
  • Built-in text memory
  • Maintenance-free
  • Prints on almost all surfaces like platsics, foil, paper, cardboard, metal, glas or even wood
  • Prints graphics elements, logos, dates, times, serial numbers, ....
  • MS Windows software for creating printing templates

HP 45 ink cartridges

We supply commercial customers with high quality HP 45 ink cartridges at a very low price:

Part number Type Surface Base Color Datasheet
1 NJ-8SKT/1 45si Semi-porous Solvent Black Open...
2 NJ-8SKM/1 45si Non-porous Solvent Black Open...
3 NJ-8SKG/1 45si Non-porous Solvent Black Open...
4 NJ-8SKG/2 45si Non-porous Solvent Black Open...
5 NJ-8AKG/3 45ai Porous Acquea Black Open...

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We are happy to show you the NasaJet® in action in your application environment and answer any further questions regarding our NasaJet® handheld mobile printer.

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