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Compact mini handheld printer for all labelling tasks

NJ-11 Mini-Printer

TIJ handheld printers, such as our NJ-100, have already led to massive miniaturisation in the handling of industrial printing tasks. The NJ-11 Mini Printer is an even more compact version that does not require a handle. This makes the NJ-11 Mini printer even more suitable for fast and simple printing tasks in confined spaces or where space is limited. Measuring just 97x70x45mm, it really does fit in any pocket and is ready to go right out of the box.

The proven and standardised TIJ technology (Thermal Inkjet from Hewlett Packard) is now standard in many industrial printing processes and allows the marking of almost any substrate at manageable printing costs. In addition to cardboard or plastic, metals, wood, rubber, polystyrene and many other solid surfaces can also be labelled without any problems using suitable ink cartridges.

The NJ-11 has a built-in rechargeable battery for several hours of operation. It prints at a maximum resolution of 600dpi with an output size between 2 and 12.7mm (TIJ standard). Its weight is only 245 grams.

Possible output formats include dates, times, QR codes, barcodes and monochrome graphics (such as logos). The output formats offered can also be combined and saved in print templates. No external software or app is required for use.

Technical data NJ-11 Mini-Printer

(subject to changes)

  • NasaJet® NJ-11
  • Power rating 25W
  • Cartridge type 12.7mm
  • Power supply mode USB Typ-C
  • Print mediaText / Number / Symbol / QR /
    Barcode / Logo / Date /
    Time /
  • Printing height2mm - 12.7mm
  • Resolutionmax. 600dpi
  • Printing distance2-5mm
  • Weight 245g
  • Size 97x70x45 mm
  • Languages English, Chinese
NJ-11 Mini-Printer

NasaJet® NJ-11


incl. 19% VAT (Germany).

Handheld industrial marking system NJ-11


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