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Marking of batches and series with batch printer

Print batch number
Print batch number
Batch number printer
Batch number printer

In the industrial manufacturing process, batches represent quantities of products and articles that have been produced under comparable conditions. Classifications in batches are of course particularly common in the case of food or medicines. But it also makes sense to define batches for other products and to mark them accordingly. This facilitates quality management and improves possible traceability in the event of sudden problems with a particular product. Batch numbers and general batch information are usually printed, more rarely engraved or embossed. Depending on the specific application, the labelling with a batch number is done directly on the product, an outer packaging or the transport packaging. Modern and thoroughly digitised production facilities have now switched to encoding batch and product information as variable QR codes that can be easily read and retrieved at any time via smartphone.

Batch number printing with inkjet systems

In industry today, inkjet systems are mainly used as batch printers because they are flexible and easy to integrate into existing production lines. Such batch printers work reliably and also economically. The TIJ technology developed by Hewlett Packard is considered a quasi-standard here and ensures that the operating material "ink" is also available at reasonable prices today.

Hand printer as batch printer

Modern hand printers are suitable for small to medium production quantities or for very large and bulky objects as batch printers. In other words, for all applications where there is no assembly line production or the labelling cannot be integrated on the assembly line. Inkjet hand printers print batch numbers manually on the corresponding object by guiding the printer along the object and triggering the printing process. Handheld printers, such as the NasaJet® family of products, usually have built-in blanket screens that are used to create the print data. In addition to static data, sequential numbers, QR and barcodes or simple graphics can also be printed. The devices are designed for industrial use and are therefore robust, economical, have a long battery life and are practically maintenance-free.

Print batch numbers with NasaJet® NJ-1000 and NJ-2000

For applications where batch numbers have to be printed in large numbers on existing production lines, stationary labelling solutions are of course more suitable than manual ones. With our two models NasaJet® NJ-1000 and NJ-2000 we offer 2 systems that work according to the same principle as our manual printers and also offer almost identical functionalities. The batch printers consist of a control unit with a touch screen and a print head connected by cable. This can then be mounted on existing assembly lines. Due to the possibility of control by means of external sensors (light sensor,...), these two systems can be integrated into production lines very easily and universally at a later date.

With the proven TIJ principle, almost any surface (smooth, curved, rough,...) and material (glass, plastic, wood, metal,...) can be printed.

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