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Printing on plastic with a printer is possible - direct-to-plastic printing with the NasaJet®

Print on plastic
Print on plastic

In industry, trade and commerce, many products are still packaged in plastic and plastic packaging. Despite its deteriorating reputation, the cheap material has many advantages, such as light weight, any formability as well as long shelf life and taste neutrality in the field of food. Even if plastic packaging is pre-produced, in everyday industrial life there is very often the need to print data individually on the packaging as part of the production process - such as serial numbers or expiry dates. Large machines in the food industry have built-in printing devices that make this possible, but on a smaller scale this often causes problems for economic reasons. Printed adhesive labels or other workarounds are then used here.

For companies where the packaging and labeling process is not yet fully automated due to cost reasons, inexpensive alternatives are now available with inkjet hand printers.

Print plastic film and sheets with inkjet guns

An inkjet gun is ideal when it comes to printing plastic or plastic wrap quickly, effectively and inexpensively. In contrast to pre-printed plastic, the exact printing location can be chosen freely or changed at short notice. In the case of monochrome printing, as is usually sufficient for expiry dates or barcodes, the inkjet principle can also be used very economically and inexpensively. Ink with a wide variety of properties and qualities, such as waterproof, smudge-proof or flouresized, is relatively cheap today due to the large number of manufacturers and suppliers. While problems such as dried ink or clogged ink nozzles often occur at home with ink jets, this is rather rare in the commercial and industrial sector, since the devices are used practically every day. For the quick and easy printing of plastic and plastic packaging, there is currently no better solution than an inkjet hand printer.

NasaJet® hand printer for plastic and packaging

The NasaJet® handheld inkjet printer is the right choice if you frequently have to print on plastic or plastic packaging. In the warehouse, in production or in the store, the mobile hand printer can quickly and economically provide everything with any data or images. Printing on plastic can also be used for advertising purposes or in handicrafts. The principle is also suitable for almost all other solid materials, be it metal, wood, stone or of course just paper and cardboard. With its comparatively low purchase price and robust inkjet technology, the NasaJet® is made for continuous commercial use. The range of functions - multi-line printing, printing of images, barcodes or consecutive numbers - is in no way inferior to much more expensive competitive products. With the help of the built-in touchscreen, print templates can be created quickly and conveniently on the device and also saved there. Graphics and logos can be transferred to the device via USB stick.

We are happy to answer all your questions about the NasaJet® or demonstrate the NasaJet® hand printer to you personally.