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Fast and economical printing with the mobile inkjet gun

Inkjet Gun

In shipping and in the warehouse in particular, there is an increased need for mobile printing solutions such as an inkjet gun (sometimes also called 'hand lettering device' or 'pistol printer'). Streamlined processes and increasingly shorter reaction times towards commercial or private customers make it necessary to simplify complicated processes as economically as possible. The labeling of packages, pallets, boxes, packaging with freely definable texts and graphics is one of the most common processes in modern trade and shipping and is therefore particularly suitable for thorough optimization. Because the more that can be processed in the same time, the less resources are tied up during this time. The avoidance of labeling errors also significantly reduces the error rate in these areas.

How does an inkjet gun work?

An inkjet gun is usually reminiscent of a classic price labeling machine from the former supermarket. When moving past the object, however, no price label is transferred, but a printing mechanism is triggered as it also occurs in the home inkjet printer. Modern inkjet guns can "throw" their ink up to a distance of several millimeters. This gives you a huge time advantage compared to conventional labeling methods such as manual labeling or using adhesive labels. A handhelf inkjet gun can course also serve as an alternative best-before date printer.

What makes inkjet guns so flexible?

Since the pure inkjet printing process from the home area has been tried and tested for years and has hardly changed, a lot of development work can be invested in the printer's sophisticated software. It is therefore possible to specifically address the requirements in trade and commerce. The software can, for example, automatically set and print expiration dates (for food, pet food, ...) or update serial and batch numbers independently. This saves time and ultimately money.

Modern inkjet guns can of course also print simple, graphic elements, such as QR codes or company logos. This supports targeted follow-up processes in processing and logistics.

What about the economy?

The main cost of an inkjet gun is in the purchase, as there are not so many competing manufacturers. The equipment of the device also has a great influence on the price - for example through built-in LED displays or additional sensors. For this, practically all devices are largely maintenance-free. Since text is mainly printed, the pure ink consumption costs are manageable. Using standardized ink cartridges from major manufacturers can further reduce costs.

The NasaJet® Inkjet Gun (pistol printer)

Our NasaJet® handheld inkjet printer is a cost-effective and robust solution for mobile printing in retail, industry and commerce. The lightweight housing, the long battery life and the intuitive user interface help to speed up lengthy processes and workflows. The use of standardized HP ink cartridges also ensures continuous and inexpensive availability of refill ink.

Our inkjet gun in action

Our hand labeling machine is suitable for labeling almost all surfaces and surfaces. the following videos show the NasaJet® in action.

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Frequently asked questions

What's an inkjet gun?

An inkjet gun (sometimes called 'pstol printer' or 'printer pistol' is a portable inkjet printer that can print on nearly any surface.

What's the advantage of an inkjet gun?

A handheld inkjet gun provids unimited flexibility for printing on obejcts like packages, stone, wood or textiles.

What does an inkjet gun cost?

There are different models available. Based on the comfort and quality prices start at 500USD.