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Even small series economically provided with expiry date (expiration date, best-before date)

Print expiration date
Print expiration date
Expiration date printer
Expiration date printer

In everyday business, perishable goods must of course be labelled with information on the expiration date (best-before date). This is not only a legal requirement, but of course also the expectation of every customer. What is quite normal in the supermarket, however, quickly becomes an expensive problem for many smaller producers. This is because the majority of industrial marking systems are designed for assembly line operation and complete automation. Producers of small series, for example the organic farm, the small corner bakery or the local butcher, of course, do not usually have a corresponding technical infrastructure, as this is neither functionally nor economically viable.

So today, people often still use very old-fashioned methods for the expiration date (best-before date) on goods, for example adhesive labels or even handwritten notes. Of course, this is neither efficient, nor economical, nor sustainable, nor environmentally friendly. It is simply due to necessity and the existing possibilities.

Expiry date printing with hand printers

Today, however, there are also modern labelling devices and hand printers that can help solve problems of this kind in many cases. Hand printers use the inkjet principle to quickly and easily apply any markings and even graphics to almost any surface. The printer is operated with one hand and simply moved past the object to be printed. The surfaces do not even have to be particularly flat; the hand printers also allow printing on rough and even curved surfaces, such as aluminium cans or melons. The availability of many special inks with particular properties (and colours) means that almost any conceivable surface can be printed on. Printing a sell-by date is quick and time-saving with a hand-held labeller. Printing costs remain economical even with the smallest product quantities. The available devices are usually suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users.

Examples of a hand printer labelling device

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Expiration date marking and printing with NasaJet® NJ-1000 and NJ-2000

The NasaJet® NJ-1000 and NJ-2000 models are particularly suitable for retrofitting into existing production systems, for example on assembly lines. These two marking systems consist of a control unit (built-in touch screen) and a print head connected by cable. The print head can then be easily mounted on existing assembly lines according to the desired print location (top, side,...). External sensors (light sensor,...) can serve as clocks for triggering the printing process or the printing is done as "continuous printing". The printing speed can be up to a maximum of 50m per minute.

Almost any surface (smooth, curved, rough,...) can be printed with the proven TIJ principle. Inks and special inks for different applications are available from various suppliers. Even special applications (invisible UV ink, waterproof,...) can be realised.

The systems have a maximum print resolution of 300 dpi and are therefore particularly suitable for the pin-sharp output of small elements such as dates, barcodes or data matrix codes. It is possible to create and manage print templates that consist of several elements. In addition you can also print consecutive numbers, monochromatic images or static text at the same time.

Do you have questions about NasaJet® expiration date marking and printing products? Call us now.

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