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Inks and colours that cure under UV light in industrial applications

UV curable ink
UV curable ink

UV-curable ink/colour is a special type of ink that is cured by ultraviolet light. Unlike conventional inks, which need to be dried on paper or other surfaces, UV ink is cured immediately after exposure to UV light. This process enables fast drying and cures the ink immediately, resulting in impressive print quality.

Inks that cure under UV light have the advantage that they do not bond with the respective substrate, for example, penetrating it like paper. They form a separate, self-contained but very stable layer on the substrate. As a result, they also adhere to more substrates than is the case with conventional inks. UV-curing inks are therefore generally very versatile. They are ideal for large-format printing, outdoor use and are particularly UV-stable (against fading in sunlight) and scratch-resistant. UV-curing inks are used where high speed is required. Due to the so-called radical radiation curing when the prints are exposed to UV light, they dry in just a few moments. In this case, the printer speaks of direct UV curing.

Due to their special properties, UV-curable inks are used today primarily for posters, billboards, advertising boards, banners, exhibition walls, stage design and vehicle labelling. Their many good properties also make them particularly interesting for the packaging industry(product labelling, packaging labelling). Virtually all UV-curing inks adhere well to materials such as plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, steel and aluminium, as well as Plexiglas. They are also very suitable for ceramics, perforated sheets and rigid foam boards.

Further properties of UV-curing inks

UV-curing inks are cured immediately after printing using UV light. They are therefore dry within milliseconds and can be processed immediately. Today, UV inks have achieved a breakthrough primarily due to the availability of LED UV lamps, which are replacing the very environmentally harmful UV lamps of the past. LED UV lamps also produce hardly any heat, meaning that even more sensitive materials can be printed.

UV-curing inks are also generally very environmentally friendly. They usually do not contain solvents that could release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This makes them more environmentally friendly compared to some traditional inks.

UV-curable ink has pushed the boundaries of printing technology, offering an impressive combination of speed, versatility and high quality. Its use in various industries demonstrates the wide range of applications and the numerous possibilities that this innovative technology holds for the future of printing.

General IQ128UV UV ink at a favourable price

We sell high-quality TIJ ink products from the Japanese manufacturer General. The General IQ128UV UV ink cures under UV lamps to produce a high-gloss print image with high durability. It has a high-speed curing of 30 m / min (clumping power: 8 W) and is especially suitable for PET, PP, PVC, gross card, speciality PE, HardPVC card.

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