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Industrial printing, marking and labelling in large format (over 1 inch)

Many modern industrial labelling and marking systems use TIJ (Thermal Inkjet) technology from Hewlett Packard. The print head is integrated in the ink cartridge. Printers and marking systems can therefore be designed very flexibly and the programming can be done individually. Hand printers such as our NasaJet® also use TIJ technology to enable a wide range of printouts with a small, handy device.

Standard cartridges for TIJ technology have an integrated print head with a height of just over 12mm - corresponding to half an inch. To enable larger printouts, several cartridges are cascaded (slightly vertically offset) in the device or special cartridges with a print head twice as high as an inch (1 inch = 25.4mm) are used. These can also be cascaded to allow even higher printouts.

Use of 1 inch (1 inch) TIJ print cartridges

TIJ print cartridges with 1 inch print height are mostly used in production for automated labelling of products or packaging. The objects to be printed pass a sensor on a conveyor belt. This sensor gives the impulse for the following printing process. As they pass, the desired information - such as serial numbers, production date, delivery details, shelf life information, etc. - is printed directly onto the item. - is printed directly onto the object. Thanks to inkjet technology, this is usually done contact-free, quickly and cleanly. Special inks (UV ink, UV curing ink,...) can also be used excellently in the given production process.

1 inch industrial grade 3770K ink cartridges

Our 3770K inks stand out because they have been developed for industrial use. They have a double height printhead of 1 inch / 1 inch high. All of our inks deliver high quality and reliability at a low price and are designed to increase productivity in everyday business. The ink cartridges we offer generally all have short drying times and long decap times. They are suitable for razor-sharp text prints as well as for large-format graphics and monochrome images. The ink is of course also suitable for use in our NasaJet® NJ-200 and NJ-500 hand printers.
We currently offer the 3770K 1 inch ink cartridges in our online shop in the colours black and white.

Advantages TIJ labelling

  •   Razor-sharp print image
  •   High print speeds
  •   Low printing costs
  •   Low noise level
  •   Practically maintenance-free
  •   Multiple print formats (text, date, counter, barcodes, QR codes, graphics,...)
  •   Suitable for almost any substrate due to different inks (paper, plastic, metal, textiles, rubber, wood,...)

    Possible substrates for marking

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3770K-BLACK 1 inch ink black


inkl. 19% VAT (Germany)

Black solvent-based ink in 1 inch TIJ case, 42 ml.

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White ink

3770K-WHITE 1 inch ink white


inkl. 19% MwSt.

White solvent-based ink in 1 inch TIJ case, 42 ml.

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