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Print white with high quality industrial white ink

White ink
White ink (TIJ)

Printing white is truly no longer an outstanding special case today. Customers have become accustomed to certain colour schemes and the huge choice of materials available today allows even smaller manufacturers to produce products with a very noble and classy appearance or high-quality packaging. Apple led the way, and now everyone is following suit.

Dark and black materials are particularly popular here. Black, shiny plastic, dark metals or plastic foils are increasingly finding their way into product design. It becomes difficult when such products have to be labelled with additional information as part of the production and packaging process. In order to ensure sufficient legibility, it is necessary to work with light-coloured inks or even white ink.

But also with building materials such as plastic pipes or rubber hoses, it is often necessary to print on very dark backgrounds. Yellow or white ink is usually used here.

White ink for TIJ systems

Print white
Print white (TIJ)

If you want to print in white, you can choose between toner and inkjet devices. However, toner devices are only suitable to a very limited extent for the for the high demands of everyday industrial use. Moreover, they cannot be used to print on irregular or even curved surfaces. curved surfaces is possible. With TIJ technology from Hewlett Packard, on the other hand, there is a long-established standard for inkjet printing in the commercial sector. TIJ combines ink cartridge and print head in a single housing. It is then controlled by an external unit. Almost all marking and labelling systems today are based on thermal inkjet (TIJ). TIJ-based handheld printers allow to mark even very large or even curved objects with white ink (plastic tubes, rubber hoses,...).

White ink in inkjet printing is practically always solvent-based. Due to the high contrast, it is particularly that the ink dries quickly and thus cannot smear. White ink is therefore usually only produced by high-quality manufacturers with a high manufacturers with high standards of performance and economy.

Mylan White Ink

Mylan white ink
Mylan white ink

If you want to print white, you must not save at the wrong end. White printing creates a noble look, but this can be completely destroyed by smearing or fraying of the ink. The Vietnamese manufacturer Mylan stands for high-quality products for industrial printing. White ink is therefore naturally also part of the offer of this manufacturer. If you want to print white and also have to pay attention to economic efficiency, Mylan is the best choice. We currently stock 2 white Mylan inks, which you can order via our online shop. If you require larger quantities of white ink or would you like to enquire about quantity discounts? Then simply contact us directly.


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