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Cable labelling and marking for cables

Cable printer
Cable printer
Print cables
Print cables

Today, pipes, wires and especially cables belong to the industrial mass products. They fall into the category of so-called extrusion products, i.e. a basically infinite product that is then cut into commercially available lengths. For pipes and cables, there is an urgent need for labelling and marking. In addition to technical parameters, this can also be product-related information or simply desired individualisation. Due to the limited space available on the printed object, clean and sharp printouts are particularly important. Contrast is also important to ensure legibility later on.

What we perceive as cables are usually only the plastic sheaths that protect the actual conductors. The predominant material here is PVC, which is also well suited for labelling and marking cables.

If you want to print on cables, wires, tubes or pipes, this is most likely in the direct manufacturing process, i.e. on the processing assembly line. Stationary labelling solutions are therefore preferable to manual solutions (hand printers).

Printing on cables with NasaJet® NJ-1000 and NJ-2000

The NasaJet® NJ-1000 and NJ-2000 models are ideal for retrofitting into existing production lines for cable, pipe and other extruded products. The marking systems consist of a control unit with built-in touch screen and a print head connected by cable. The print head can then be mounted accordingly on existing assembly lines. External sensors (light sensor,...) can serve as a clock to trigger the printing process or the printing is done as "continuous printing". The printing speed can be up to a maximum of 50m per minute.

With the proven TIJ principle, almost any surface (smooth, curved, rough,...) can be printed. Inks and special inks for a wide range of plastics are available from various suppliers. Even special applications (invisible UV ink, waterproof,...) can be realised.

For cable labelling, there is usually only a small amount of space available - usually a single line. The NasaJet® printers can create and manage print templates that consist of several elements. In addition to static text, it is also possible to print dates, consecutive numbers or barcodes on cables.

Hand printer for printing cables

In some cases and for small production quantities, the use of hand printers for cable printing can also be useful and economical. The purchase and operating costs of hand printers are relatively low and their great advantage is their flexibility. Provided the right ink is used, several labelling processes can be carried out with the same device - for example, labelling of cables and pipes, labelling of outer packaging made of cardboard and direct labelling of the shrink film on the finished packing pallet. This saves time and effort.

Hand-held inkjet printers are also highly cost-effective. Since text information is usually printed and this usually does not have to last very long, it is possible to work with comparatively low ink consumption. Hand-held printers for printing on cables also impress with their long battery life and they are practically maintenance-free.

Handheld printers such as the NasaJet® NJ-100, NJ-200 or NJ-500 can print any combination of text, sequential numbers, QR codes, barcodes, monochrome graphics, dates and times. Depending on the model used, the maximum print height is between 12 and 50mm - at a resolution of 300dpi.

We would be happy to demonstrate our NasaJet® printers to you personally. Just give us a call.

Additional info: What's the difference between a tube and a pipe? Pipes always have a round shape, while tubes may come in different shapes (round, rectangle, cylindrical U-shape,...).

Advantages TIJ labelling

  •   Razor-sharp print image
  •   High print speeds
  •   Low printing costs
  •   Low noise level
  •   Practically maintenance-free
  •   Multiple print formats (text, date, counter, barcodes, QR codes, graphics,...)
  •   Suitable for almost any substrate due to different inks (paper, plastic, metal, textiles, rubber, wood,...)

    Possible substrates for marking

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NasaJet® NJ-100


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Handheld printer NJ-100

Handheld printer

NasaJet® NJ-200


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Handheld printer NJ-200

Handheld printer

NasaJet® NJ-500


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Handheld printer NJ-500

Handheld printer

NasaJet® NJ-1000


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Industrial marking system NJ-1000

Inkjet marking

NasaJet® NJ-2000


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Industrial marking system NJ-2000

Inkjet marking

NasaJet® NJ-5000


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NJ5000 Large character printer

Large character printer

NasaJet® NJ-11


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NJ11 Mini-Drucker

Mini handheld printer

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