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Simple and economical labelling with the NasaJet® manual labelling device

Hand Labeller

Im Handel, im Gewerbe oder auch in der Industrie muss immer etwas beschriftet werden - Pakete, Verpackungen, Produkte usw. Klassisch hilft man sich hier mit teuren und umständlichen Etiketten oder Stempeln weiter. Für dynamische und schnell austauschbare Beschriftungen eignet sich das aber nur sehr schlecht.

In trade, commerce or industry, there is always something that needs to be labelled - packages, packaging, products, etc. Traditionally, one helps oneself with expensive and cumbersome labels or stamps. However, this is not very suitable for dynamic and quickly exchangeable labelling.

A modern manual hand labeller is actually just a portable printer. Inkjet printers are the best choice for this purpose. The portable hand-held labelling device combines an inkjet printer with a handle. The ink outlet is then simply moved along the object to be labelled with the hand and the printing process is started with a button or a switch.

The print templates are usually conveniently created on an integrated touch screen and stored in the device memory itself. In addition to text, barcodes, QR codes or graphics can also be printed. The great strength of these manual labelling devices is, of course, the creation of dynamic labels. For example, dates, times, expiry dates or consecutive numbers can be generated automatically during the printing process. This saves a lot of time, especially in shipping and in the warehouse, as there is no need to constantly create new print templates.

NasaJet® hand labeller

Our NasaJet hand-held labelling device is a cost-effective and robust solution for use in trade, industry and commerce. The lightweight body, long battery life and intuitive user interface help speed up previously tedious processes and workflows. The use of standardised HP ink cartridges also ensures continuous and inexpensive availability of refill ink.

Our manual marking device in action

Our hand-held marking device is suitable for marking almost all substrates and surfaces. The following videos show the NasaJet in action.

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Metall bedrucken


Plastik bedrucken

Frequently asked questions about the hand labeller

What materials can a hand printer print on?

A manual marking device like the NasaJet® works on the inkjet principle. This means that the print head does not have to touch the substrate. This means that any, even irregular surfaces and even curved bodies can be printed. Only the appropriate ink must be used for the material to be printed.

Can barcodes also be printed?

Practically all handheld printers allow the output of freely designable barcodes (or QR codes) in addition to printing text. Higher-quality devices also print monochrome graphics.

How high are the printing costs?

Most hand-held marking devices use standard HP ink cartridges, as these are the most widely used in industrial applications.

How do the print data get into the hand labeller?

The data to be printed is mostly created directly on the touch screen in the device and stored in the memory.

NasaJet® NJ-100


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Handheld printer

NasaJet® NJ-200


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Handheld printer

NasaJet® NJ-500


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