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Lot Coding with TIJ Printers: Enhancing Product Traceability and Quality Assurance

In today's fast-paced manufacturing and packaging industries, ensuring product traceability and maintaining quality standards are paramount for businesses. Lot coding, a vital component of product identification, plays a crucial role in achieving these objectives. It involves labeling products with specific codes that allow manufacturers to track production batches, monitor inventory, and trace products throughout the supply chain. Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printers have emerged as an efficient and reliable solution for lot coding, helping businesses improve efficiency, compliance, and customer confidence.

Understanding Lot Coding: Why is it Essential?

Lot coding involves assigning unique codes, often alphanumeric, to individual product batches during the manufacturing process. These codes serve multiple purposes, such as:

  1. Product Traceability: In case of defects, recalls, or quality issues, lot codes enable manufacturers to identify the affected batches swiftly and accurately. This ability helps contain issues promptly and minimize potential risks to consumers and brand reputation.
  2. Quaity Assurance: Lot coding ensures that product information, including manufacturing date, time, and location, is readily available. This information aids in assessing product quality over time, allowing manufacturers to take preventive measures and improve their processes.
  3. Inventory Management: Efficient lot coding assists in tracking stock levels and rotation, thereby reducing wastage and optimizing inventory management. It helps businesses avoid stockouts or overstocking, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: Various industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, are subject to stringent regulations concerning product traceability. Lot coding with TIJ printers assists businesses in meeting these requirements and maintaining compliance with industry standards.

The Rise of TIJ Printers for Lot Coding:

Traditional coding methods, such as manual labeling or ink stamps, have limitations in terms of speed, accuracy, and legibility. As a result, many businesses are turning to modern printing technologies like Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printers for their lot coding needs. TIJ printers utilize thermal technology to propel ink droplets onto the substrate, producing high-quality codes with excellent resolution and durability.

Advantages of TIJ Printers for Lot Coding:

  1. High Speed and Efficiency: TIJ printers can achieve rapid printing speeds, ensuring that products move through the production line seamlessly. This efficiency leads to increased productivity and reduced downtime.
  2. Versatility: TIJ printers can code on a wide range of surfaces, including various types of packaging materials, ensuring compatibility with diverse product lines.
  3. Quality and Legibility: TIJ printers offer crisp and clear codes, ensuring legibility throughout the product's shelf life. This reduces the risk of misinterpretation and improves overall customer satisfaction.
  4. Easy Integration: TIJ printers can be easily integrated into existing production lines, requiring minimal adjustments and reducing implementation costs.
  5. User-Friendly Operation: These printers often come equipped with intuitive software interfaces, making them easy to operate and maintain.
  6. Cost-Effective: TIJ printers generally have lower operational costs, requiring less maintenance and offering economical ink consumption.

Best Practices for Effective Lot Coding:

To fully leverage the benefits of TIJ printers for lot coding, manufacturers should follow these best practices:

  1. Standardized Coding System: Implement a consistent and standardized coding system that includes relevant information such as production date, batch number, and expiry date.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Schedule routine maintenance for TIJ printers to ensure optimal performance and code quality.
  3. Ink Management: Monitor ink levels and usage to prevent unexpected interruptions during production.
  4. Data Backups: Maintain backups of product information and coding data to safeguard against data loss.
  5. Quality Checks: Regularly verify the accuracy and readability of codes to maintain product quality and traceability.

Lot coding with TIJ printers is an essential tool for manufacturers looking to enhance product traceability, quality assurance, and compliance with regulatory standards. These advanced printing technologies offer efficiency, speed, and reliability, enabling businesses to streamline their production processes while ensuring consumer safety and confidence. Embracing lot coding with TIJ printers is a strategic investment that can lead to improved customer satisfaction, reduced operational risks, and sustained business growth.


Inkjet pistols (hand printers) as lot coding machines

Inkjet pistols are ideal when it comes to printing smaller series of products or packaging (cardboard, wood, plastic film, ...) quickly, effectively and inexpensively. In contrast to permanently installed labeling systems, the printing location can always be adjusted manually if this is necessary due to the nature of the object to be printed (e.g. knotholes in pallets, patterns in stone slabs, discoloration on concrete parts, ...) when the objects cannot be processed on the assembly line (Euro pallets, ...) or the printing location is in a difficult-to-access area (inside of concrete elements, ...) The use of the hand printer can be learned quickly and the available battery life is now long enough even for larger labeling processes.

Stationary lot coding machines (lot number printers)

Lot coding machine

Even for large production volumes and for integration into existing production lines, we offer the NasaJet® NJ-2000, a professional yet economical lot coding machine and system. The separate control and print units of the NasaJet® NJ-2000 allow a quick and easy installation into existing productions with a maximum print speed of up to 60m per minute. The print units can be flexibly positioned to allow simultaneous printing of different pages at the same time.

The control unit allows the creation of even complex print templates directly via the built-in touch screen. The output of expiry dates, serial numbers or barcodes is thus fully automated. And the labelling costs remain economical.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our NasaJet® systems or to demonstrate the NasaJet® to you personally.

Advantages TIJ labelling

  •   Razor-sharp print image
  •   High print speeds
  •   Low printing costs
  •   Low noise level
  •   Practically maintenance-free
  •   Multiple print formats (text, date, counter, barcodes, QR codes, graphics,...)
  •   Suitable for almost any substrate due to different inks (paper, plastic, metal, textiles, rubber, wood,...)

    Possible substrates for marking

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