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The world's smallest colour printer* (*manufacturer's specification)

figure style="width:100% !important;">Pekoko K1

It is not only in industry and commerce that there is a need for quick, easy and inexpensive labelling. Also in the private sector there is always something that needs to be printed quickly. A short love message for your partner, a complete letterhead, a letterhead for a gift or a quick mini-tattoo - there are endless ideas. The problem here is that you can't "fit" most of of these items can't be "loaded" into a printer, so you have to resort to cumbersome adhesive labels.

Inspired by industrial handheld printers, there is now the Pekoko hand labelling system for everyone. The small, inexpensive hand printer quickly puts on paper anything you can think of - and it does so IN COLOUR!


Photographic paper



Gift ribbons




Pekoko K1 colour printer

Unlike industrial handheld printers, the Pekoko K1 has a special ink cartridge for multi-colour printing. Also the generation of print content via an app instead of a built-in touchscreen is also more oriented towards end-user requirements. With the Pekoko K1 mini printer, you can put your ideas on paper - or any other surface - quickly and easily. Let your your creativity free rein - with the Pekoko K1 mini colour printer.

Frequently asked questions about the Pekoko K1 mini printer

What is the Pekoko K1?

The Pekoko K1 is, according to its own advertising, the world's smallest colour printer. The Pekoko K1 is a hand-held printer and is is pulled directly over the object to be printed. This makes it possible to print on almost any object.

What are the applications of the Pekoko K1?

The Pekoko K1 colour printer is suitable for quick and easy labelling of paper, boxes, gift ribbons, T-shirts, appliance surfaces or even for quick temporary body tattooing.

How to enter data?

With the Pekoko app, print data is quickly and easily created and transmitted to the printer.